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Light in the Landscape


181 pages

From the Guild of Master Craftsmen

ISBN: 1861082096

Highly recommended

Excellent - This book is invaluable to any budding landscape photographer; the advice given is worth its weight in gold.

Light in the Landscape: A Photographer's Year by Peter Watson


Addresses the creative art of photography using light to maximize the beauty of nature throughout the year. Discusses the techniques used by leading photographers.


Simply Inspirational - Peter Watson distils 25 years of experience as a photographer into a collection of images spanning one year in the UK to produce a book that is a celebration of the rich and varied landscape that is the British Isles. These inspirational photographs are matched with a text that is both informative and thought provoking. After reading this book you'll want to wake at 5am every morning just to catch the light at sunrise. 

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