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First Light - A Landscape Photographer's Journey

Hardcover - 160 pages

Awe-Inspiring - A true masterpiece

Inspirational work

For all who aspire to follow in his footsteps, this will be a source of inspiration and an invaluable manual of practice.

Conveys his love of landscape and gives a fascinating insight into the way he works.

First Light - A Landscape Photographer's Journey by Joe Cornish and Charlie Waite

Drawing on twenty years’ experience, Joe Cornish, one of Britain’s most distinguished landscape photographers, has distilled the key elements of his craft into a collection of thought-provoking essays accompanied by a stunning selection of his photographs. The subjects range from his beloved North Yorkshire, to the Colorado Plateau and the rugged Cornish coast to the rainforests of New Zealand. They reflect the enormous range of his work and illustrate how he puts his philosophy into practice. The text with each photo describes how the picture was taken and the considerations – light, weather, timing, composition, etc.

Full technical data for each photo is given, but the real fascination lies in Joe’s explanations of what went into creating each of these photographs. These personal accounts are full of practical advice on subjects ranging from anticipating changes in the weather to the use of filters to capture colour as the eye sees it when, unfiltered, the film might show something very different.

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