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Eye to Eye by Frans Lanting

256 pages from Taschen

26 September 2003

Prepare to be amazed

The Eyes have it - Brilliant Photography!

Pure Genius - A lesson about dignity

his photos take creatures that have become ordinary and familiar and transform them into haunting new visions.

Eye to Eye by Frans Lanting

A fantastic account of the thrilling wildness Eye to Eye, the first personal portfolio by master photographer Frans Lanting, presents an extraordinary collection of animal images by an award-winning photographer and naturalist who "has set the standards for a whole generation of wildlife photographers". More than 140 photographs, made over 20 years, reveal Frans Lanting's wildlife photography, as well as the startling new perspective on animals his images provoke.

This book's exquisite images are accompanied by personal stories and observations from a lifetime of working with wild animals around the world, ranging from orang-utans in Borneo to emperor penguins in Antarctica. More than 70 species are represented in this gallery celebrating the diversity of life on earth.

Frans Lanting does not seek the beauty traditionally revered by wildlife photographers: "The perfection I seek in my photographic compositions is a means to show the strength and dignity of animals in nature." Frans Lanting's work has been lauded by designers as art, by biologists as science, and by others as a new vision of the relationship between animals and people - one that challenges us to look animals in the eye and see ourselves.

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