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Collins Gem Spiders by Paul Hillyard


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Collins Gem Spiders by Paul Hillyard


The only truly pocket-sized photographic guide to over 220 species of the world's spiders. This Collins Gem is being reissued in flexi-binding, providing the durability of a hardback with the flexibility of a paperback. The stylish new cover design will enliven this and 70 other bestselling Gems.

Spiders are among the stars of the natural world and the variety of species is amazing. They occur virtually everywhere and are one of the most successful groups of animals.

Collins Gem Spiders is the ideal introduction to their lives and environment. Each entry in the book includes:

  • A full-colour photograph and description of the species

  • Details of size, web, habitat, geographical distribution and at what time of year the species can be found

  • An indication of whether or not the species is venomous

The introduction covers spiders and their relatives, anatomy, the production and uses of silk, reproduction and spider venom, as well as information on how to keep spiders.

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