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Kim Wilde

224 pages



April 2006

The First Time Gardener by Kim Wilde


Publishing News - Wilde is a great enthusiast and her guide should have first-timers seizing their spades.

Amateur Gardening - If it's inspiration and confidence you're after then this hardback has it in bucketfuls

Actually a great book! To be honest, I had my doubts about some of Kim's gardening projects when she first came on the scene. I liked her as a pop star, but I felt she got ahead in gardening a little too quickly. But with this book she proves herself. Enthusiastically written, full of sound ideas and excellent advice, this book is an enjoyable read for experienced and novice gardeners alike. She covers everything from basics to the current boom in architectural plants. Like all gardening books some of the photos are from archives and you see them everywhere, but there's plenty of inspirational stuff in there too make it a nice coffee table book. All in all I recommend it!

GARDENING with KIM WILDE! I read the book few days ago, i have to tell you its one of the best "Gardening book"There is, especialy for the begingers but Don't stop there, if you even a Proffesional Gardner this book realy inspires you to do more, very nice illustrated book Kim wilde shows step by step what you can do to make your Garden better place, Who can know better about "ART and FAIRYLAND" then Pop Star-Gardening guru Kim Wilde who have seen the World -im so impressed to learn from someone like her who knows so much and willing to share it with the world.

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