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Mushrooms and Other Fungi of GB and Europe


"288 pages"

"5-star book"

"an invaluable guide book"

Mushrooms and Other Fungi of Great Britain and Europe by Roger Phillips, Lyndsay Shearer, Derek Reid and Ronald Rayner

Without question the best overall look at European fungi. There are shorter guides for those who are only interested in eating mushrooms (like myself), but they should still arm themselves with this book to confirm their identification. It is both comprehensive and user-friendly: a rare achievement when it comes to the myriad of confusing species that confront the would-be mycologist.


An invaluable guide book - This book is quite simply invaluable to the mushroom collector. Having previously used books with illustrations, I found the photographs of enormous help. Their clarity is a testimony to the hard work that must have gone into the making of the book. The author successfully conveys an enthusiasm for the subject which spurs you to keep looking for that elusive fungus. This book is worth it's weight in chanterelles!!

An outstanding, thorough and brilliantly illustrated guide - This was the first substantial book on the subject that I acquired, nearly twenty years ago, and it remains unsurpassed as an accessible yet thorough work with outstanding illustrations.

One of the best books about European mushrooms - This photographic guide by Roger Phillips was a wonderful book when it was published first, and still is one you must have if you're interested in mushrooms. I have a lot of photographic mushroom books in my library, and, nearly twenty years after its publication, this one has one of the highest standards in colour illustrations of fungi.

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