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RSPB Handbook of British Birds

"303-page paperback"

"Extremely accessible and informative"

"yet another great value-for-money bird book from the "masters" of birds in the UK"

RSPB Handbook of British Birds (Ornithology) by Peter Holden and Tim Cleeves


This is a very impressive all round bird guide. Most guides limit themselves to merely providing details about how to identify species, this book not only performs that function perfectly well but in addition offers notes on what makes birds fascinating - their ecology, habitats, conservation status and movements. So, for example, you are not only told how to differentiate between a male and female Grey Partridge but also that they have declined by 84% in the last 25 years and that this is linked to a reduction in suitable nesting cover on farmland and insecticide use. In this way the book gives more of a clear overall picture of British bird species than almost any other book I know. For anyone looking for a book that will provide interesting general information about bird species then this is for you.


Bird Watching Magazine - 'I was very impressed with the RSPB Handbook of British Birds...This is an excellent field guide at any price.' - The strength of this guide over its rivals is the wealth of information... illustrations are super and the price is excellent it

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