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RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe

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RSPB Complete Birds of Britain & Europe by Rob Hume


This 480-page hardcover guide uses an integrated photographic approach to profile the extraordinary range of birds found in the Western Palearctic region. With comprehensive coverage, easy-to-use layout and visual impact, it should appeal to birders of all ages and experience.

The book opens with a portrait of birds and their habitats. Covering evolution, anatomy and behaviour, it also describes how birds have adapted to different environments - from wetlands and rocky coasts to woodland and urban gardens. The 320 species most commonly seen in Britain and Europe have full-page coverage, with a large photo of each bird in its most frequently observed plumage with other images showing the most important plumage variations: adult/juvenile; male/female; and winter/summer.

Useful illustrations reveal the appearance of each bird in flight, "in situ" and similar-looking species/subspecies for comparison. Key features are highlighted around each picture and further details of voice, nesting, feeding, migration, habitat, physical statistics, social grouping, behaviour, lifespan and conservation status are presented in jargon-free text. Distribution is shown in colour-coded maps. In addition to the main 320 species, over 200 less common birds are also shown, with a further 276 very rare species are concisely profiled too.

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