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Life of Birds by David Attenborough

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Life of Birds book by David Attenborough


There are more than 9000 species of birds, spanning the globe, from deserts to jungles, and from mountain tops to sea shores. David Attenborough presents the results of recent research into aspects of bird behaviour, such as how they find food, their complex social systems, and their ingenious ways of mating and breeding. Frigate-birds, blue-footed boobies, great egrets, hummingbirds and giant moa - no bird can escape the evolutionary pressure to impress, outwit and outdo in the struggle to survive.

Lyrical descriptions and colourful photos and sightings of the hilarious and the downright bizarre. Attenborough's quest for the most striking birds takes us from Pyrenees peaks to the ice of Antarctica, flushing bare-necked umbrella birds, torrent ducks and the brilliant orange, bunny-hopping cock of the rock. Bird lovers will flock to this exceptional 320-page hardback book. This is a splendid accompaniment to the BBC TV series.

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