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Collins Field Guide - Bird Songs and Calls

"Hardcover - 128-pages"

"Bird calls on two CDs"

"songs and calls for almost all the birds - the CDs are full"

"excellent recording quality"

"the best way to learn bird calls yet!"

Collins Field Guide: Bird Songs and Calls of Britain and Northern Europe (Contains 2 accompanying CDs) by Geoff Sample


This field guide helps to identify bird sounds.

The guide is organised by habitat, with atmospheric backgrounds and voice-overs discussing how to tell the difference between each species, so the reader can quickly learn all the calls he can hear when visiting his local wood, or marshland RSPB reserve. Over 158 species are covered, the focus being on common birds and birds that are difficult to separate visually, but easy when the calls are heard. 

The accompanying booklet gives background information on each species, plus an introductory section on bird song, where and when it can be heard, and how to make your own recordings.

If you want to learn to identify British birds by their songs and calls then buy this now.

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