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Collins Field Guide: Mammals of Britain and Europe

"448 page hardback"

"from HarperCollins Natural History"

Collins Field Guide: Mammals of Britain and Europe by David MacDonald and Priscilla Barrett


This book covers every species of mammal that occur in Europe and in the seas around it, over 230 species, in detail. The text not only covers the vital information for identifying the differences between a rabbit and a hare, a red deer and a roe deer, or a killer whale and a long-finned pilot whale, or how to tell a red fox print from a dog, but also provides all the biological and taxonomic information you need to positively identify mammals. It also gives readers an insight into how the animals live, how crested porcupine adults keep their young warm crushing them between the parents, how many baby seals actually moult while still inside the mother and why the red fox can cause such destruction.


A great field guide for experts and amateurs alike - Another good field guide from HarperCollins. Detailed colour plates and species descriptions make identification almost as easy as it can be. It misses only two things to be perfect: a key (such as the one in the 'Reptiles and Amphibians') and more detailed drawings and measurements of skulls and teeth, which are very important for distinguishing between species of small mammals (as well as identifying remains from owl pellets). These flaws aside, this is (as well as the other Collins Field Guides) a good choice for all people interested in European animals.

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