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Badgers by Michael Clark

superb illustrations

very accessible

many affectionate anecdotes

Badgers by Michael Clark

Michael Clark obviously has a great affection for badgers, for this shines through in his illustrations and in his writing. Whittet Books, the original publisher of this lovely hardback book should be congratulated on producing an excellent educational book, suitable for all ages.


Lovely educational book about Badgers. We bought this book, knowing nothing about it, and were pleasantly surprised. Obviously written by a badger-expert, the book covers badgers, their lifestyle and environment in good detail, but remains a very accessible read. As an educational work, we would have thought it suitable for any-one from about 10-years upwards, though it is equally well readable by adults without being condescending. It also includes many well-drawn illustrations. Overall Michael Clark's affection for the animals shines through, and we are glad to recommend this book.

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